Parent Help Suggestions for Reading

Parent Help Suggestions for Reading
  • Have your child read at least 20 minute every day.  This could be a newspaper, magazine, books, etc.
  • Have a reading time when everyone reads.  At the end of that time have a small discussion allowing each person to tell about what they are reading.
  • Listen to your child read or do a shared reading taking turns reading paragraphs or pages.
  • Questions to ask about what your child is reading.
                 - Who is/are the characters in the story?
                - Choose one character.  Why is that character important in the story?
                - Did any of the characters change during the story?  Is so, how?
                 - Choose one character.  does this character remind you of anyone?  If so, who and why?

                - What is the setting of the story?  (time and place of the story)
                - How did the setting affect what happened in the story?
                - How would the story be different if the setting were different?

                 - What is the author's purpose in the story?  (to inform, persuade, entertain, or express ideas or
                -  What is the author trying to tell you in this story?
                - If you were to suggest this story to someone, what would you say this story is mostly about?
                - How did you feel when you finished the story?  What in the story made you feel this way?

                - What is the conflict (problem) in the story?
                - What is the resolution (how is the problem solved) to the story?
                - How did the character(s) solve the conflict?
                - How could the character(s) solve the story differently?