Reading Tips and Reminders

Reading Selections!
What to always remember!

***    Read and box the title.  Think about what the selection will be about.  Preview the text
         Look for any pictures or headings.   Make some predictions.  This gets you ready for the text.

***    Ask yourself:  Is this fiction or nonfiction?  This helps you know the author’s purpose!
         Fictions is to entertain.  Nonfiction is either to inform or persuade.

***    Number your paragraphs!

***    Go to the questions.   Carefully read  each question:   Underline all of the important words
         in each question.  This will prepare you for your reading of the selection and also to help to      
         direct your reading so that you are prepared to answer the questions.  It also helps you think   
         about the types of information you will be looking for in the selection. 
         Do not answer any of the questions now!!!

***     Read the selection carefully!  Remember you are reading to find out information! 
          Don’t just read the words!     Be involved in the story!  Look for answers as you read and  
          underline any information that you feel is important!                    

***    Read the questions again!  Be sure you know exactly what they are asking you!  If there is more
          than one question being asked, circle the question marks so that you remember to answer all of
          the parts of the question.  If there is an explain, or tell why you think so, underline these 
       three times
Look for important words like not, or any of the vocabulary words (synonyms,
.   Write the meaning of the vocabulary word above it.

***    Look back in the selection for the answers and find proof!  
         Do not try to remember or guess any of the answers!  After you have chosen or wrote your  
         answer, go back and reread the question with your answer.  Does it work? 
         Did you say (answer) what you wanted to?   Did you explain using plenty of details?  For multiple
         choice questions, be sure to read ALL of the choices.   Did you choose the best answer?

***    For extended response questions, be use to use words from the question, story or poem in your 

***    Answer every question!