Senteos For Smart Teachers


The Senteo interactive response system provides a direct wireless connection between you and your students. Now you no longer have to wonder if students understand what you’ve taught them. They can tell you with the click of a button. 
The Senteo system includes 26 remotes, a central receiver, and Senteo assessment software, which tallies student responses,  and provides individual feedback.
This page contains the links to the files and sites that I used in my inservice in October, 2009. If you have a site or file that you think I should share with my colleagues, please email me at: 

Senteos Users Guide: .pdf file, 50 pages (3.6 mb)
Free Learning Resources: links to training resources from SMARTTECH
SMART Notebook Lesson Activities
Classzone: register with this site and you can use the activity center to create review games
Paint Like Jackson Pollock and Create A Mr. Picasso Head: just for Mrs. Hillier
Notebook Files Used: download using Firefox