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Welcome to Tiffin City Schools,
the heart of Ohio's Education City!


Tiffin is a beautiful city with well-shaded streets, situated on the banks of the historic Sandusky River.  The city of Tiffin is a proud community with over 150 years of heritage. Today our town is home to over 17,000 residents, who enjoy a life that is a near-perfect blend of history and progress, of urban and rural living. The Tiffin area has deep roots in agriculture, which support many local industries and businesses. Beautiful Hedges-Boyer Park and the historic Ritz Theatre provide opportunities for relaxation and entertainment for the entire family.  Because Tiffin is home to a great public school system, a parochial school system, Heidelberg University, and Tiffin University, it is also known as the "Education Community."

Tiffin is the county seat of Seneca County, one of the richest agricultural and stock-raising counties in the state. Its manufacturing interests are quite diversified, making for industrial stability. The combination of industry and agriculture provides a sound foundation for the community's prosperity.  Tiffin is located less than fifty miles from two important lake ports, served by two trunk-line railroads, and by excellent motor truck facilities.  Tiffin's location is advantageous for the assembly of raw materials and the distribution of finished products over a wide area.

Tiffin City Schools is comprised of three elementary buildings; one middle school, housing grades 6-8; and one high school consisting of grades 9-12.  Currently, approximately 2,820 students are being served by Tiffin City Schools staff members dedicated to educational excellence. The commitment of TCS is best exemplified by its mission and belief statements.

Our Vision

Great Schools! Great Students! Great Future!


Mission Statement

Tiffin City Schools guarantee that all students achieve success
at their full learning potential.

 Belief Statements
  • High expectations are directly related to student achievement.

  • Our schools should provide the technological and social skills to compete in a global society.

  • It is essential for our school system to embrace diversity, including ethnicity, ability level, and socioeconomic status.

  • Our schools must be safe, promote a positive learning atmosphere and be organized around the needs and interests of our students.

  • Our families, students, staff and community share responsibility in the education of our childfren.

  • Each person has intrinsic value and worth and is a unique individual.

  • Every student should/will contribute to community/society.

  • Increased accountability (parents/students/staff) will foster an environment of respect and acceptance.

  • Every child needs basic skills - conflict resolution, problem solving, innovative thought process.

  • Our district should be a source of PRIDE for our community.

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District Brochure
2012-2013 District Brochure