Tiffin City Schools


Bus Safety

Tiffin City Schools Transportation Department is dedicated to providing safe, efficient pupil transportation service to the students of our District.

For the 2017-2018 School year, Tiffin City Schools will bus any student in grades K-5 who lives 1/2 mile or more and grades 6-12 who lives 2 miles or more from their assigned school building.

Tiffin City Schools will bus from Columbian to Vanguard and Sentinel, as they are joint vocational school's and we must provide transportation service to and from those schools.

Please check the maps under forms to see if you are eligible for transportation. Select assigned building to see map.
Maps are estimate only.

Transportation Enrollment and Change Procedures

Parents/Guardians requesting new service or changes to bus transportation are required to complete a STUDENT TRANSPORTATION REQUEST FORM.

This form can be found below in the Transportation Request section.

A transportation request form must be submitted by July 1 of the upcoming school year to allow for the establishment of safe and efficient bus routes.

  • New requests and changes may not be processed 10 days prior to the first day of school or until 10 days after the first day of school.
  • A student may only have one pickup location per week.
  • A student may only have one drop off location per week.
  • The pickup and drop off location can be different.
  • Shared parenting schedules may be accommodated on a weekly schedule, the schedule must be submitted in writing.
  • Bus passes or notes from parent will not be accepted, all students must be scheduled through the transportation office.
  • Short term, temporary, one day riders will not be permitted.
  • Change of address must be completed at the school prior to transportation change.

Transportation Department Staff:

Randy Conger
Transportation Supervisor
1045 South Caldwell Ave.
Tiffin, OH 44883
Office: 419-447-8729
Fax: 419-447-1060

  • Bryan Schalk
  • Randy Hoover
  • Dennis McDonald - Maintenance
Bus Drivers
  • Hugh Anderson
  • Leslie Bowman, Jr.
  • Cheryl Cartwright
  • Susan Couch
  • Barbara Curry
  • Wes Ferguson
  • George Fretz
  • Kayleen Fretz
  • Patsy Hill
  • Randy Hoover
  • David Kay
  • Steve Kizer
  • William Omlor
  • Brandon Perkins
  • Deb Reamer
  • Garrison Rennels
  • Norbert Scherger
  • Bob Sherman
  • Mary Snyder
  • Gary Studer
  • Korrey Vance
  • Diane Ziegler