Tiffin City Schools

Special Education

Shawn Murphy
Special Education Supervisor
124 Ohio Avenue 
Tiffin, Ohio 44883
Office:  419-455-9107
Fax:  419-448-5202

About Us

The Special Education Department for the Tiffin City Schools is responsible for finding and evaluating students with special needs at all levels.  

This department consists of the following staff:
  • Shawn Murphy, Special Education Supervisor
  • Sharon Nedolast, Secretary
  • Connie Acton, Paraprofessional (all schools)
  • Nicholas Smith, School Psychologist (Columbian, TMS, Calvert, School of Opportunity)
  • Hanna Wutrick, School Psychologist (Krout, Washington, Lincoln, Noble, Calvert, School of Opportunity)
You may reach the special education staff by calling 419-455-9107.

We welcome your feedback on our teachers and staff.

Tiffin City Schools has two school psychologists serving the students.
  • Mr. Nicholas Smith, School Psychologist serving students at Columbian, Tiffin Middle School,  Calvert Catholic Schools and the School of Opportunity. Mr. Smith's home office is located at Lincoln Pre-Kindergarten (419-455-9107). Mr. Smith can also be reached by email at nicholas_smith@tiffincityschools.org
  • Ms. Hanna Wutrick, School Psychologist serving students at Krout, Washington, Noble, Lincoln Pre-K, School of Opportunity, and Calvert Catholic Schools. Ms. Wutrick's home office is at Lincoln Pre-Kindergarten (419-455-9107). Ms. Wutrick can also be reached by email at hanna_wutrick@tiffincityschools.org
The special education department consists of three speech/language pathologists.  They are:
  • Deb Bame (Noble, and TMS)
  • Connie English (Krout and TMS)
  • Beth Margraf (Lincoln Pre-Kindergarten, Washington and Columbian)
  •  You may reach the individual speech therapists by calling the school listed for your student.


Federal Guidelines (Child Find)

In accordance with federal law, the Tiffin City Schools assumes responsibility for the location, identification, and evaluation of all children birth through age 21 who reside within the Tiffin City School District and who require special education and related services. The Special Education Department of the Tiffin City Schools coordinates this child identification process. If you know of or suspect that a child may have a disability, you may contact the Special Education Department located at the Tiffin City Schools Board of Education Office or any local school building to discuss these concerns and determine a course of action.

Title VI-B/IDEA Funds- Public Notice

Title VI-B: Special Education:

Annually, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) provides funds to states to supplement support of Special Education and related services. These dollars are intended to supplement and/or increase the services provided to disabled students. These funds will be spent to employ Special Education staff. Any funds not spent on salaries will be used toward the excess cost of educating special needs students.

Tiffin City Schools welcomes community feedback and input into how these funds should be best utilized. Input, questions, and comments may be directed to Mr. Jeremy Koppus, Special Education Supervisor, by calling 419-455-9107, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or by email at jeremy_koppus@tiffincityschools.org.

We encourage communication about improving the services provided to all students with special needs and the use of the funds allocated to the support of any and all Special Education services. Information will be shared at the February Board of Education Meeting.

Parent Mentor Contact Information


Hearing Aid Assistance Program

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) has announced a program, The Ohio Hearing Aid Assistance Program (OHAAP), that provides assistance to families with children under twenty-one years of age with permanent hearing impairments to purchase hearing aids. Families with incomes at or below 400 percent of the federal poverty guidelines are eligible for the program. Families are encouraged to contact participating OHAAP providers about the OHAAP program. Financial assistance is now available through The Ohio Hearing Aid Assistance Program (OHAAP) for families with permanently hearing impaired children from birth to age 21 for hearing aids and out of pocket expenses.