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Gifted in grades 9-12

Gifted Services at Columbian High School 

Columbian High School offers a wide range of seated and online Advanced Placement courses where students may be able to earn credit or advanced placement for college.  In May 2017, 61 Tiffin Columbian students took 80 Advanced Placement™ exams through the College Board AP testing program.  Columbian students began preparation early in the school year for these college level tests, by participating in rigorous coursework and activities in one or more of the AP courses offered at Columbian. 

Columbian students continue to out-score Ohio and Global averages for AP exam scores in the successful range (3+).  Students, parents, and AP teachers should be proud of this successful trend in five-year data.

AP exams are graded on a holistic scale.  A score of 3 or higher is considered “success” on the test, where a student may earn college credit for their score.  The College Board website reports that “currently over 90 percent of colleges and universities across the country offer college credit, advanced placement, or both for qualifying exam scores,” saving tuition money for incoming college freshmen and their parents.  In many cases, AP scores are more readily transferrable for credit in college, as opposed to College Credit Plus courses taken at other universities. In addition, AP courses appearing on student transcripts signal to college admissions officers that students have taken the most rigorous course Columbian has to offer, giving students an edge in the competitive college admissions process, according to College Board research.

Our AP program continues to gain popularity among Columbian students.  In addition to the seated courses offered at Columbian, several of our students are taking AP as part of our membership in the Virtual High School Collaborative with courses like statistics, macroeconomics, and music theory, being most popular. 

For more information on AP programming at Columbian and how it can help advance your student, please contact Paula Zirm, Gifted Supervisor, at 103 Shepherd Drive, Tiffin, Ohio 44883. 419-447-3358  paula_zirm@tiffincityschools.org

The percentage of students scoring in the success range (3+) on AP exams is far beyond state and national averages.  Our Columbian students continue to do very well on AP exams each year as seen in the blue bar in the image below.


Tiffin Columbian's AP Test Schedule for 2019
Note - Test dates and times are non-negotiable as dictated by Collegeboard.

Morning 8 AM

Afternoon 12:00 PM

Monday, May 7, 2019

AP US Gov't & Politics


Tuesday, May 8

Wednesday, May 9

AP English Lit. & Comp.

AP European History*

Thursday, May 10

AP Psychology

Friday, May 11

AP US History

Monday, May 13, 2019

AP Biology

Tuesday, May14

AP Calculus (AB)

Wednesday, May 15

AP English Language


Thursday, May 16


Friday, May 17

AP Music Theory* 

AP Computer Science A*

Exams will be taken at Lincoln Pre-K except those noted with *.

*Denotes exams that will be taken at the Tiffin Middle School


Exam Day Transportation Information

For large group exams at Lincoln, you may drive yourself or have your morning transportation person drop you at Lincoln at 7:45 (for 8 AM exams) or 11:45 (for noon exams).  Please obey all parking laws.  There is on-street parking or you may park in the teacher lot behind Lincoln.  Do not park on the playground.  If you need to ride a bus from or to Columbian, please email Mrs. Zirm so she can arrange for that busing.  Paula_zirm@tiffincityschools.org


For exams of courses taken through Virtual High School (denoted * above), please arrive at the Tiffin Middle School at 7:45 (for 8 AM exams) or 11:45 (for noon exams) and wait in the lobby until Mrs. Zirm arrives.


Questions about testing locations or transportation should be directed to Paula Zirm, Supervisor of Gifted Education, (419)447-3358, paula_zirm@tiffincityschools.org

Reminders –NO BOOK BAGS, CELL PHONES, or DIGITAL WATCHES!  Students may only bring a clear water bottle, pens, pencils, analog watch, and an approved calculator (for some tests.)

AP classes may count as a gifted service for students identified as gifted in that particular content area when a Written Education Plan is on file that dictates the differentiation that will occur for that student and the general education teacher receives high quality professional development in serving gifted students.