Tiffin City Schools

Gifted in grades 6-8

Gifted Services at Tiffin Middle School 

Tiffin Middle School offers varying levels of several different core courses.   The placement consideration for students in Tiffin Middle Schools’ sixth grade Pre-AP English, Advanced Science, Advanced Reading, Advanced Math, or Honors Math, is an extensive process.  Each spring, the fifth grade teachers complete rubrics for each student they intend to recommend for an advanced class.  Each rubric examines fifth grade Terra Nova scores, semester grades, and teacher recommendation items.  Each area of the rubric is rated from five to one and has a weight factor.  Under the teacher recommendation category, there is another rubric, which takes several items into consideration, including work ethic, contributions, time-management, attitude, preparedness, and problem-solving.  These total rubric scores for these students are then ranked to determine eligibility for the more challenging courses.  The primary placement factors are a demonstrated effort at the fifth grade level and success on standardized assessments.


Families and students at Noble 4-5 should pay particular attention to this information as it relates to your future experiences at Tiffin Middle School. 


New students to the district or those with questions about the process should contact Melissa Mellott, 6thgrade guidance counselor at

Tiffin Middle School, 419-447-3358.


Honors or Pre-AP classes may count as a gifted service for students identified as gifted in that particular content area when a Written Education Plan is on file that dictates the differentiation that will occur for that student and the general education teacher receives high quality professional development in serving gifted students.