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Elementary Gifted Services

The gifted cluster (or self-contained in grade 3) classroom is where Tiffin City Schools places third, fourth, and fifth grade gifted students in a classroom with other gifted students for the entire day, five days a week.  A general education instructor or gifted intervention specialist at each grade level will teach all core subjects (English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Health).  In addition, critical thinking, service learning, real world problem-solving, and creative thinking will be emphasized.  The teacher will receive ongoing support and professional development in teaching gifted students from the district’s gifted coordinator, who is a gifted intervention specialist.  The teacher in grade three is also a gifted intervention specialist.

Placement in the gifted class should be viewed as a response to an individual student’s needs (more rigor, a faster pace and a nurturing environment for cognitively high students).  Teachers can typically go deeper with the material, the classroom focus is on higher level thinking skills, the classroom pace is generally faster and achievement scores typically go up.

The Office of Gifted Education follows Ohio Operating Standards for gifted.  Students who receive an area of identification for gifted have done so on an assessment approved by the Ohio Department of Education for this purpose under section 3324.02 of the Revised Code.  Ohio recognizes these areas for gifted identification:  superior cognitive, reading/language arts, science, social studies, math, creativity, and visual and performing arts.

Elementary Gifted Classroom Student Placement Formula

Placement preference will always be granted to a student previously served in the gifted program.

At the end of the second grade year, gifted cluster classroom placements for the following year will be made using the formula below (excluding VAPA and creativity identifications).  The openings in the classroom will be filled with students based on qualifications starting with number 1 and continuing until full.

  1. Students with a superior cognitive identification and both reading and math subject area identifications will be placed first.
  2. Placements will continue with students who have a superior cognitive identification and reading or math subject area identifications.
  3. Placements will continue with students who have a superior cognitive identification.
  4. Placements will continue with students who have both reading and math subject area of identifications.
  5. Placements will continue with students who have reading or math subject area identifications.
  • In any of the above bullets, if the number of students who qualify exceeds the number of openings in the self-contained classroom, the student with the higher scoring on national percentile will be placed first.
  • When placing in grade three, students with a single subject area identification will only be guaranteed placement for one year. 

Procedure for Elementary Gifted Classroom Placement:

1.  Parents/guardians of a student qualifying for the class will receive a letter indicating such.  The Response to Placement form should be returned to Office of Gifted Education before the deadline listed on the form.

2.  If/when a parent opts out of the placement, a second round of placements may be made until the class is full.

3.  Once students are placed, their placement continues from grade three to five as long as the placement is deemed successful as indicated in the formula.  In this way, preference will be given to those previously served.

4.  New students entering the district or those newly identified in a given year will follow the placement formula as openings in the class occur.  Every effort will be made to accommodate move-ins.


Inquiries and correspondence should be sent to:


Paula Zirm, Gifted Supervisor

Tiffin City Schools

103 Shepherd Drive

Tiffin, Oh 44883