Tiffin City Schools

Superintendent's Message

Superintendent Gary Barber

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Dear Tiffin Community,
I am excited and thrilled to have the opportunity to work in such a great community.  A few of the responsibilities as your superintendent will be to set a clear direction, develop a strong leadership team, and deliver results that reflect positive progress in our students’ growth and achievement.  The activities during the first 90 days will lay the foundation for our next three years.  Our educational system is experiencing a tremendous amount of change and it is our responsibility to ensure Tiffin City Schools is prepared to make continuous improvement and be a district that makes our community proud.

Our 90-day plan will be used to establish a set of priorities that will guide our work.  Effective leadership transitions are essential, and this case is no different.  These activities are designed to gather information quickly about the community and school district; establish a strong community presence; assess the district’s strengths and opportunities for improvement; and implement a cohesive plan to make a positive impact on our students’ growth and achievement. 

The activities highlighted in this plan will outline tangible milestones to achieve during the first 90 days.  These milestones will also support the long-term success and support our students and staff.  I look forward to sharing our progress at the November Board of Education meeting.  Thank you for supporting the Tiffin City Schools.

Gary Barber

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