Tiffin City Schools

Superintendent's Message

Superintendent Gary Barber

Dear Tiffin Community,

Tiffin City Schools’ mission is to create and promote learning environments where ALL students will be provided the opportunities to achieve at their fullest learning potential.  We want all Tiffin City Schools’ graduates to leave us college and/or career ready. We are encouraging more of our students to participate in Advanced Placement (AP) classes, College Credit Plus (CCP) and Career Technical Education (CTE).  So, what does this mean and how do we make it happen?

It is frequently said that one of the goals of high school improvement is to make sure all students graduate “college and/or career ready.” However, as often as this promise is reiterated, there is still misunderstanding about what it actually means.  Simply put, “college and career readiness” refers to the knowledge and skills high school graduates must have in English and Mathematics.  This includes, but is not limited to, reading, writing communications, teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving.  Having this knowledge and skill is the key to being successful in any and all future opportunities.  Readiness for college and/or careers depends on more than English and Mathematics knowledge.  Success after high school depends on the knowledge, habits, skills and character that come from a rigorous and well-rounded high school experience.


What is college ready?

College today means much more than just pursuing a four-year degree at a university.  Being “college-ready” means being prepared for any post-secondary education or training experience.  This includes studying at two- or four-year institution that will lead to a post secondary credential (i.e. a certificate, license, Associates or Bachelor’s degree). High school graduates, ready for college, should have the English and Mathematics knowledge and skills needed to qualify for and succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing college courses without the need for remedial coursework.


What is career ready?

In today’s economy, a “career” is not just a job. A career provides a family-sustaining wage and pathways to advancement.  It requires post-secondary training and/or education. A job may be obtained with only a high school diploma, but offers no guarantee of advancement or mobility. Being ready for a career means that a high school graduate has the English and Mathematics knowledge and skills needed to qualify for and succeed in the post-secondary job training and/or education necessary for their chosen career (i.e. technical/vocational program, community college, apprenticeship or significant on-the-job training).


Is ready for college and ready for career the same thing?

With respect to the knowledge and skills in English and Mathematics expected by employers and

postsecondary faculty, the answer is yes. In the last decade, research has shown that the expectations of employers and colleges are very similar.  Both expect that the knowledge and skills that high school graduates have are necessary to be successful after high school.


Education is more valued and more necessary than ever before. The bottom line is ALL high school graduates need to be prepared for some postsecondary education and/or training if they want to have options and opportunities in today’s job market.  Tiffin City Schools will promote and encourage our students to take advantage of the opportunities that are provided through our district so they can earn livable wages in high-quality, in-demand positions and be successful in the careers they choose.

Gary Barber
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